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How to apply for nanny jobs with Nanager

A blog by Amanda Ferguson (@nannyofoz) – Nanager Recruitment Manager + Career Nanny.

When you apply for nanny jobs through Nanager, we hope it’s because you want to be successful. We certainly want you to succeed! Match-making and finding the best fit for everyone is a huge part of our purpose here at Nanager. Both Lauren and myself are nannies too, and we understand that unique personal connection nannies have with the families they work with. A nanny job is not ‘just a job’ – no matter how good you are at setting appropriate boundaries!

For your benefit and for ours, we want to share with you some not-so-secret tips on how to have the best chance at success when you apply. The nanny market is so busy right now, and so are we. So we really appreciate candidates and clients who make it easy for us to work with them. The less time we have to spend chasing the basics, the more we can focus on getting to know you and supporting you in your search for your perfect job.

In order to apply for nanny jobs with Nanager, the first step is filling in the application form. You find this under the job description on our website. First important tip – I highly recommend completing this on a computer, as it works on some phones but some applicants report trouble submitting it from their phone.

The form initially asks for a few basic details, and asks you to confirm your Working With Children Check and First Aid/CPR Certificates. These are non-negotiables for all of our roles, so the best answer for both is Yes, but it’s important to be honest and accurate.

You’ll then need to answer a few more questions so we can ensure you meet specific criteria of the job you are applying for, and understand how to move forward with your application. (Make sure you’ve read the ad thoroughly before applying!) Just like earlier – be honest and accurate. Sometimes an application doesn’t match what we need for that role but we reach out to the candidate to invite them to apply for nanny jobs with different criteria.

Next up on the form you’ll need to upload the basics! 

The Resume is one key document needed when you apply for nanny jobs through an agency. You need to be able to show us why your experience and/or education makes you someone worth pursuing for the role. We also use this document to support us when we pitch you to the family, so it’s best for everyone if it’s a decent representation of you!

If you really aren’t sure how to construct a good nanny resume, I highly recommend doing some research, asking a friend for help, or reaching out to me at Nanny of Oz to purchase a resume support package. The basics to keep in mind though, are to list relevant positions you’ve held (including dates, ages of children, and general responsibilities) and education in reverse chronological order in a layout that is clear and easy to read.

A Cover Letter is often viewed as optional when you apply for nanny jobs. But in my opinion a cover letter/’Dear Family’ letter is even more important in these types of applications! A great nanny cover letter will tell the family and agency a little about you, your experience, and why this role suits you. It’s an opportunity to highlight how you will thrive in the specific responsibilities (particular tasks, particular ages) advertised. 

I highly recommend taking the time to make sure these documents are up to date and the best representation of you for the role. They are our first impression of you when you apply for nanny jobs through Nanager!

Then, keep an eye on your emails (even junk/other folders) for our response!

We will review your initial application and reach out to you for further documents if we’re interested in moving forward. We will ask you to email us the following documents before inviting you to a video interview:

WWCC, First Aid, and CPR are essential documents that we require nannies to have before we can set them up to work with a family. You will need to have an Employee (Paid) Working With Children Check in the relevant state. We also require you have done accredited Australian courses for First Aid (HLTAID012 or HLTAID011) in the last 3 years and CPR (HLTAID009) in the last 12 months. Hot tip – if you do not hold these certificates, please confirm that you will be updating them ASAP and send through your expired certificate if you have one. Better still, you can send a booking confirmation to show us you’ve scheduled a class or gotten email confirmation of your WWCC!

A Police Check is a handy document that some families request when candidates apply for nanny jobs. It is a more thorough criminal check than a WWCC but is only valid the moment it is issued. For this reason, it’s an optional upload on our form. If you don’t have one we will let you know if and when a family requests it.

Finally, a Profile Photo… this is simply to help us remember you! There are so many candidates who apply for nanny jobs through Nanager, and many come back to us when they want to apply for nanny jobs in their next search. Having a photo that we can keep with notes we take during your interview helps us to remember who you are, which helps us tell clients about what you can offer to them and encourage them to consider you for the job!

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