How do you recruit a Nanny? I'll show you.

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Find the one.

Welcome to step one!  I’m going to guide you in building a role that will target your exact needs.  From skills to personality, you’ll need to set up the right ads to lure the ideal nanny for your family.  I’ll also give you an introduction to the prices and levels of service you can expect in the Australian Nanny Industry.


Build a role around your family's needs

Advertise your role to be seen

Understand the costs of a nanny

What to do in an interview

How do you know if an interview is right?


Build a role around your family's needs.

Building a realistic role that maximises value.

Each family has their own unique set of needs when it comes to finding the perfect care solution.  Nannies are just as unique in the skills, experience, and values they bring to each family.  The trick is to find a nanny with the same expectations as you around skills, budget, and duties. This way everyone is on the same page from the start.  Trust me, it’s better for everyone to lay their cards out early, than to end up with deal breakers becoming pain points later on.

This section will give you an idea of the level of support you’re looking for, and how much it will cost.  Before we get into specifics, here are some points to consider: 


Hours matter

Regardless of the service you choose, remember to set realistic expectations for the household tasks.  

You may have to pay for child-free hours to achieve extra results.  Tasks like vacuuming and ironing can pose a safety risk if children are home. (Hint: consider what you could achieve with the kids around.)


Recognise where you place value

As you establish the priorities for your nanny service, try to recognise the value each task will offer your family (by saving you time and effort).  This will help you build a role that will justify the costs and target the service to where you need it most. 



Build a profile

Outside of the task list, it’s time to start thinking about the type of personality that’s going to be the best fit with your family.  Like families, nannies can vary greatly in the vibes they bring into the household.  It’s essential that your nanny is not only compatible in skills but also in their disposition and values.


You get what you pay for

The more household support tasks you expect, and the higher level of experience or qualifications the nanny has, the more you should expect to pay.

Use this checklist to check off your needs and start working out what type of nanny you are seeking.

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Set the right bait.

Create an epic role description & post your job ad!

Your job ad will be the bait to catch an epic pile of resumes.  Simply copy the templates from the module and paste them onto your job platform or social media.  Be sure to customise all the bold points to reflect your scenario.  Put your own spin on it too!  If you don’t want to include all the points, save some for the interview.

hott nanny tips

Lauren's Hot Tip!

“Make sure you use direct language in your ad to make it clear what you’re offering.  This is especially important when it comes to the rate and how the nanny will be paid. 

For example, nannies might enter negotiations with a higher rate if they assume they need to cover their own superannuation.  So, be sure to articulate that you are offering a fair and legal employment arrangement and clearly state the employment benefits that will be provided on top of the pay rate.  

Here is an example of an ad that might be posted on an official job platform.


Experienced Nanny Needed

Richmond, Vic

Days: Monday + Wednesday + Thursday

Hours: 8am – 6pm

Children: B (3yo) + G (6yo) 

Employment: Part-time

Pay rate: $27/hour + super + annual and sick leave

About us: We are looking for a nanny to support our family 3 days a week.  We have a pet dog who is friendly and keeps to herself.  We highly value family time and often like to get away for a hike or camping trip on weekends.  We love being outdoors!

Your new role: We are seeking someone to care for our 3yo through the day and our 6yo when she is not in school.  We are seeking someone with a passion for the early years who can focus on our children’s development and interests.  (A qualification in childcare would be highly regarded.) We love for our children to explore through play, especially outdoors.  We are seeking someone who can do school pick ups and help manage the afternoon routine.

Additional support: Secondary to the care of the children, we would love some help with additional home management tasks such as laundry, family meal prep, and general tidying during the day.

Minimum criteria – Candidates must have the following:

  • Valid Working With Children Check/Blue Card
  • Valid First Aid and CPR
  • 2+ years of experience as a nanny or educator
  • 2 outstanding references
  • Their own car.


We are seeking a nanny who is energetic, caring, reliable, and who has excellent communication skills.

If this sounds like you, please send through a detailed resume and cover letter.

If that post is too intense, here is a simpler version you can use on social media.

We are a busy family looking for a nanny in South Yarra.  We are seeking someone on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, 8am – 6pm, to care for a 6mo and 2yo.  We are looking for a nanny to take the kids out to the park, set up activities at home and, where possible, assist with light household duties. 

We require applications to hold a valid WWCC, First Aid and CPR, and need someone who drives their own reliable car. We are offering $28/hour as a base rate employed privately by us. If this sounds like you please send your resume and short bio to

Not sure how to word it? Download our tips on topics and wording for inspo.

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Where should you post your ad?

In addition to recruitment sites like Seek or Indeed, you want to use websites and Facebook groups that are targeted to connecting nannies and families.

Remember, these websites don't verify so be sure to view and verify all checks, certificates, references, and clearances.


Below are popular websites that are well known among nannies. These sites are customised to the nanny+family matchmaking journey and will reach a large number of nannies who are actively looking for work. Features can vary, as can the quality of candidates.

Facebook groups

Here is our list of Facebook groups you can search for by name, request to join, and post in for free. It's very easy to find other groups in your area if you search Facebook for a location + 'nanny' or other caregiver titles. (PS If you find a good one, let us know so we can add it.)

Finally, ask your circles.

Many people ask around to see if family or friends know a good nanny to connect them with. A good nanny has parents raving about them, so you know they are tried and tested. Chances are that if a nanny is booked out, they may know another great nanny looking for work.


How much will it cost?

How long is a piece of string? 

Different scenarios have different costs involved.  It’s likely you won’t know your final cost for some time.  Insurances and other fees can vary depending on your provider, and outsourcing may see different quotes from support services.

Below, we outline the costs you may incur, depending on the type of arrangement you go for.

hott nanny tips

Lauren's Hot Tip!

Remember, the more you ask of a nanny, the more you are likely to pay.  The ranges of suggested pay rates factor in the different skills and tasks a family may require.  You can offer a lower rate to a nanny caring only for the kids compared to a nanny who takes on cleaning, cooking, laundry, and organisation as well.  

Just trust your gut on a fair rate or range to offer.  If a nanny has different pay expectations they will often make them clear in the early stages of applying.

Like all things - you will get what you pay for. If you go for absolute minimum wage - you will get a less experienced, entry level nanny.


Meeting candidates


The format of the first interview can vary, but be sure to have a face to face meeting in the home before you decide on anyone.

Phone call or video interview

Sometimes a resume doesn’t truly reflect a candidate’s compatibility with the role.  If someone ticks enough boxes, consider a phone or video call first to explore whether they are a match.  This is a chance to have a relaxed chat to see if your personalities and expectations might be a good fit.

Face to face interview

A great candidate should meet the family.  These interviews can be in a public space (like a park or coffee shop) but are usually held in the home.  Nannies will expect to interact with the children while speaking with you, but if you want the nanny to work or stay more than an hour or so, it’s only fair to make it a paid trial.


Here's a guide to help you through the interview.

nanny placement


How do you know if an interview is right?

nanny help

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