Nanager provides the best nanny services at your home.


So what is a Nanager?

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Nanny Services

First and foremost, we recruit trustworthy nannies that deliver an in-home childcare service to provide your children with the best possible care.

We don’t just want to find you a Nanager, we want to find you the best Nanager who is compatible with your parenting styles, philosophies and values. Our Nanagers are verified, checked and recruited well above national standards.

  • School drop-offs and pick-ups
  • Newborn care
  • Focus on development
  • Tutoring
  • Parent cheerleaders
  • Temp + Adhoc bookings
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Home Management Services

These days working parents need more than just child care and you shouldn’t feel guilty asking for help. We’ve reinvented the modern nanny to include home management so you can rely on more bang for your buck when paying for care in the home. We will tailor a package to suit your needs so you can outsource your priorities so that you can spend your spare time where it matters most – with your family.

  • House tidy/clean

  • Grocery shopping
  • Healthy cooking
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Life admin
  • PA services

Sounds good? Here's how we find your perfect match:


Every family is different and we are passionate about creating meaningful and compatible matches. Nanager offers a free consultation to talk through not only the skills required but the type of person you want in the home.


Build and Advertise
Let's create a role that not only provides value for your family, but offers legal and secure employment for your Nanager. We talk you through the minimum requirements and employment standards, then from there build a role that will lure talent.


Process Applicants
We advertise your role across a number of platforms and process applications. Each candidate is guaranteed to hold a WWCC, current first aid + CPR certificate and boast 2 years paid experience in working with children.


Over to You
We send you the compatible, processed candidates for you to decide who you want to meet face to face. While we are thorough, you know your family best and it truly comes down to that 'gut feeling'.


Nanagers can vary in experience, qualification and price. We recruit based on your budget but when we find your match, it's important to negotiate the working relationship. We help both parties present their offers and establish the arrangement in writing.


Support Services
We support, coach, and encourage both parties through the early stages to help you foster a strong long-term working relationship. We help you know what to expect and how to manage communication to get things off to a great start.

Role Requirements

6 hour minimum on each shift for your Nanager

All shifts must be at least 6 consecutive hours. We know this is a stretch for some, especially those seeking care before or after school. Why not extend the hours so your Nanager can get a headstart on the home?

For example, you could structure your shifts like this:
12 pm – 3 pm (cooking, cleaning and laundry)
3 pm – 6 pm (school pick up, afterschool and evening routine)

Build a realistic home management timetable

Every family is so different and we need to understand where your priorities are in home management. Build your tasks list around where you need help the most and ensure you book enough time for the tasks to be completed alongside the kids.

For example, to create an efficient roster you could:
Book your days to be consecutive so we can help do laundry. On day one, we clean and wash and day two, we fold and sort.
A mom thinking "I could do with some help around the house and with the kids"

What are families saying about Nanager?

  • Kathryn D

    Nanager was an integral part of the family. They were fantastic and supportive during my return to work, sending photos and messages to reassure me that our baby was happy and having a wonderful time. Our Nanager also somehow managed to do a number of domestic chores so when we came home, our place was neat and tidy.

  • Louisa Y

    Our Nanager has been so helpful! It feels like a second me. Have we mentioned how yummy her lasagna is?

  • Karmen W

    Nanager was amazing in helping us find our very reliable and kind Nanny. They also provided good support for any queries and concerns we had.

  • Alex K

    Nanager is a fantastic service. With two working parents we were looking for a trusted nanny agency. We were provided with 5 candidates within days and we found an amazing nanny and home manager. Highly recommended!

Let us build you the perfect care solution.

Every family is so different, so it’s important to provide us with a snapshot of your current situation. Simply fill out the application form and from there the team will be in touch to talk specifics and get started!

Lauren, owner of Nanager

Interested to become a Nanager?