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Looking for nanny work? Have you heard about Nanager?

A blog by Amanda Ferguson (@nannyofoz) – Nanager Recruitment Manager + Career Nanny.

Maybe you already know Nanager, since you’re here. Or maybe someone thoughtful shared this article with you because they love Nanager or think you might make an amazing nanny and deserve to be part of a great team.


Welcome! My name is Amanda and I’m Nanager’s Recruitment Manager. Let me tell you more about this wonderful boutique nanny agency. 

nanny work

Nanager understands nanny work

There’s something really special about a nanny agency run by nannies. I’ve been a career nanny for 20 years and have been working as part of the Nanager team for the past two years, delighting in playing a part in brilliant matches between nannies and families. Our visionary founder Lauren has also worked for many years as a nanny, as well as working and volunteering on a wide range of projects to support the nanny industry. We’re actively involved and connected with the wider nanny community. This is not just a job to us.


As nannies, we understand the joys and challenges that come with nanny work, and the unique nature of the nanny/family relationship. The nanny’s workplace is the family’s home! There’s nothing typical about that… and yet, it’s so familiar to us. We get it, and we’ve got you.

nanny work

Nanager recognises that nanny work is not one-size-fits-all

Every family and nanny is unique. That’s why we don’t have a rigid definition of what a Nanager’s duties must be. We’re all about identifying each family’s needs, each nanny’s strengths, and empowering nannies and families to work together in an arrangement that suits everyone. It’s also why we’ve recently shifted to typically advertising a pay range. This allows us (in collaboration with families and Nanagers) to accommodate slight variations in appropriate pay to reflect experience and qualifications. 


We welcome all kinds of candidates (as long as they meet the minimum requirements such as WWCC, First Aid, and CPR!). We appreciate everything that you bring to the table as an applicant – whether it’s nanny experience with our company or elsewhere, a formal childcare qualification, or skills developed through other experiences or industries. We’ve been working in the industry for so long that we’re pretty good at identifying the vibes to get a sense of which family might be right for each applicant and vice versa. It’s all about finding the right match!

nanny work

Nanager values nanny work

Not only do we understand nanny work, we value it! With the exception of a few out-of-the-box roles, our positions offer employment and always pay Super on top of the hourly wage. We provide parents with education about legal employment and only work with families offering fair conditions. We don’t settle for offering the minimum wages required under the Miscellaneous Award, we exceed them.


Nanny work is real work. Lauren and I have supported ourselves on nanny wages, so we passionately advocate for other nannies to have the chance to do the same. We facilitate casual employment through Nanager to make things simple for arrangements of just a few days a week or temp roles. For the full-time or part-time ongoing jobs, we partner with NannyPay to offer families an affordable way to offer permanent employment benefits (paid time off!) to their nannies with little hassle. It’s a win for all of you!

nanny work

Nanager believes that nanny work is better with a strong and supportive team behind you

Supporting our team is at the core of everything we do. From the moment you apply to work with us, throughout the journey to being placed in your dream job and beyond – we’re here to help. You might get free tips on your resume if we feel strongly that what you have to offer can be presented better. Your initial interview with us will (hopefully) feel like an empowering and friendly chat with a peer, and we treat your references respectfully when we call. To complement your own resume and cover letter we write up a kick(butt) summary to present you to a family and support you through the process of meeting them.


Once we’ve helped you secure a nanny job that you love, we aim to strike the balance between being there for support… without getting in the way. A key to successful nanny work is being able to form a wonderful relationship with the family. We don’t want to meddle in that! But we’re always here if you want to reach out for support with something you’re unsure about. Nanny work can be isolating without coworkers around, but we work to actively connect Nanagers so those who want to meet other nannies have the opportunity to do so. Both Lauren and I are passionate about the nanny community and we love a nanny get-together.

nanny work

Want to be part of the Nanager team?

We’d love to hear from you with an application when one of our roles speaks to you! Keep a regular eye on our Job Board to catch new roles in the first place they show up. Jobs can go quickly once the right person comes along, so act swiftly, put your best job search documents forward, and keep an eye on your Junk Mail so you won’t have any chance of missing our email inviting you to move forward with the interview process!


You can also join our Mailing List where we send out jobs newsletters around once a month and the occasional urgent or special role.


Get to know us AND keep an eye out for new jobs by connecting with us on Instagram – @nanager_. We don’t move forward with interviews until the right job comes along for you, but we love to interact with anyone interested in what we do.

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