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Nanager is the solution working parents have been waiting for, because our nannies offer more.  You need a nanny who matches your family and household needs.  We combine childcare services with household management to help you juggle a happy home life alongside a healthy career.



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What can your Nanager help with?

childcare and support

childcare and support

Household chores

household chores

washing and laundry

washing and laundry

cooking and meal prep

cooking and meal prep

errands and shopping

errands and shopping

Why you need a nanny from Nanager:

top level care

Top level care

Experienced and screened caregivers who provide your children with the best possible childcare, because your children need a nanny who is passionate and dedicated to supporting families. 

custom support

Custom support

You need a nanny who is compatible with your lifestyle, needs, and personality.  We provide support services that enable both parties to set things up for a strong, long-term working relationship.

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Household management

We combine nanny services with home management to help with light duties such as cooking, laundry, and organisation. That way, you’re able to spend more time as a family.

Every family is different. That’s why we offer a range of recruitment solutions to find a Nanager to match your family and budget.

Firstly, we need you to choose the right option so that we can give you an idea on pricing.

We Find

we find the perfect nanny for you

We’ll recruit a nanny for you, provide support services, and set up the working arrangement.

We’ll manage the entire recruitment for you, from start to finish.  Our expert team will advertise, interview, reference check, negotiate, and help set up the role.

Either you employ the Nanager independently or we’ll employ for you.  From there you pay a one-off placement fee, or an ongoing hourly rate.



You Find

we give you everything you need

We provide you with digital resources to empower you to find your own nanny and set up a strong long term working relationship.

A digital resource that empowers you to find your own nanny and set up a strong long term working relationship.

Three short modules help you to find your own nanny and set up their employment.  Offering you exclusive resources, downloadable tools, information, and advice along the way.


What's the difference?

We Find vs. You Find

finding a Nanny

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