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Sink or swim.

The Nanager journey actually started about 5 years ago. I went from an educator in a center to being a Nanny after seeing the huge need for customised, in-home care solutions for working parents. The 3 years leading up to launching Nanager was spent experiencing the role a nanny plays in a home and refining the business idea to offer the solutions the industry was lacking. I had an empire worth of ideas to change the way families thought about their childcare but the truth is, the Nanager was very simple and the idea came full circle, back to the first idea. Was this time experimenting and learning a waste? Absolutely not! In fact, I think the slow and steady approach worked well for me.

The Nanager word literally came to me in a dream and I trademarked it the next day and my Australia Nanny Agency was born. This word soon caught the attention of the Sydney Morning Herald who featured us unexpectedly in the national paper and we became the most read story online that day. Let me tell you about how that exposure went down. I had no CRM’s in place, I was working by myself out of my spare room, I was still working as a nanny 4 days a week to pay the bills, I had a very basic website, I hadn’t refined pricing, I had no network of nannies to try and place and that article saw us receive 200+ inquiries in 48 hours. Fast forward to a year later and I found myself on stage, pitching at the Start-Up Vic, female founder pitch night. I’m good at pitching and I won. While I had set up better operations, the start-up audience of 500+ saw us, once again, inundated with too many enquiries.

It’s hard to sum up that experience in a paragraph but looking back I can’t decide if launching so unexpectedly was a blessing or a curse. Working out of a coworking space, I witness countless startups heading down the runway to launch date and I envy the founders who get to line their ducks up and hit the “GO” button on their dream. Then there is those who see a problem and run with it, solving problems and learning as they go. Knowing me, being thrown into the deep end is probably best being that I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Also, you can’t change the past so I’m grateful for that early exposure and I’m proud of my progression as a business owner. In fact, just the other day a colleague commented that realistically, I had the equivalent of a business degree. I just obtained it through lots of lessons, hands-on experience and WITHOUT a student loan.

Our lessons were tough.

  • Nannies not working out and having to replace them quickly
  • Families who weren’t in line with the Nanager model, resulting in dissatisfaction on both sides
  • Fair work changes to our industry making it harder for families to engage fairly
  • Learning to accommodate a vast range of different family dynamics
  • Sales enquiries that went completely unanswered
  • Poor staffing decisions internally
  • Integrating our HR software solutions across FIVE different platforms until we got it right
  • Corporate leads disappearing because we weren’t able to dedicate enough time to them

Every single one of those problems was a learning curve that has now been solved. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and improve. I’m now working on 3 companies and the skills I’ve learned from Nanager mean I’m working smarter not harder. Just last week we branded, built and launched Boss Nanny in 2 weeks using all of that juicy knowledge.

I’m proud of my journey as a founder this Australia nanny agency Nanager. More to come!

Lauren x

I have an ask.

Now that we have the foundations we should have had on launch, we want families to put us to the test. To celebrate our birthday, we will be removing the admin costs for the month of March. That’s nothing out of pocket until we find you a Nanager.  Some T+C’s apply and you can find them here.

Simply fill out this form with your dream solution and the team will be in touch.

No Admin Fee

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