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A short course to guide you through your nanny search.
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  • 11 customised PDF templates/tools
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A comprehensive package with everything you need in your nanny search and setting up the role
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  • 11 customised PDF templates/tools
  • Unlimited phone support for 30 days
  • Employment contract template

Meet your virtual coach

Lauren has spent the last 15 years working with families in the nanny and childcare industry, she’s a qualified educator and personally nannied for over 70 families.

In 2017 Lauren founded Nanager. A nanny agency dedicated to help families make the most out of their nanny arrangements. Nanager has now placed over 100 nanagers with families. She is dedicated to helping families find the right nanny and specialises in the art of ensuring matches are compatible, fair and built on strong foundations.

For the past 5 years Lauren has volunteered with the Australian Nanny Association. This work involved stakeholder meetings to represent the nanny industry with organisations like the ATO, FWO and the Federal Government. She is an advocate for professional nannies to be paid in fair and legal working arrangements.

Let me show you how to find the right nanny for your home

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Our step by step guide will give you everything you need to DIY your nanny search, saving you up to $3000 in agency fees.*


A price guide to understand nanny costs Build a role to suit your family and budget Where and how to advertise for a nanny Interview and screen candidates effectively


Set up the working arrangement
Navigate nanny negotiations
Contractor vs employee
Understand domestic employment


Create an epic onboarding experience
What to expect in the first few shifts
Communication tools and templates
Getting to know each other

nanny role

Agency fees can vary from $500 – $3000+ so savings are dependant on location, agency and circumstances.

Too much? Our recruitment team is here to manage the search and employment for you.

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