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What do Stage 4 restrictions mean for nannies and families?

Yesterday, the DHHS finally specified the guidelines around who can and can’t receive childcare support in the home.  I know that the information has been confusing and many are trying to work out how they can continue with their nanny arrangements during this time. I’ve been on the phone nonstop as I’ve tried to make sense of the information and how it applies to each individual circumstance. I anticipate that the dust is still settling and we will continue to get more clarification as things evolve. in the meantime, here is what I know about the impact that stage 4 restrictions mean for nannies and families. 

  • Any nanny traveling to and from work will need a Worker’s Permit (printed or a digital copy on their phone) that is signed by their employer with details of their work and travel.  If your nanny is a sole trader, they will need one too but they sign it themselves.  I recommend any nanny that is a sole trader do their research to make sure the form reflects what it needs to.

  • Right now, it seems that in-home care is only eligible to those who fall under the industries in the Permitted Workers list.  If this is you, we recommend that you fill out a Childcare Permit and passing a copy onto your nanny.  

  • If there is a scenario where a child is deemed ‘vulnerable’ than care can continue.  Please note, I don’t know the finer points around this.  I recommend once again talking to the above support lines to clarify.

  • No new in-home care/ nanny arrangements are allowed, only existing

For anyone outside of this criteria, it is unclear if your nanny service can continue. I recommend you call DHHS or Business Victoria directly for advice on your situation.  Please also note, there still seems to be evolving information about the following:

  • If parents with nannies need the childcare permit.

  • If new arrangements are permitted.

  • If parents working from home who are not on the Permitted Workers list can still use nanny/ babysitting services.

  • Which children are deemed as vulnerable and what parents have to provide in that situation.

I have heard of people getting permissions on the above 4 points that fall outside of what’s listed on the DHHS update.  I recommend that you call Business Victoria with your situations, they may be able to provide you with approval to continue if you are unsure.  We wll continue to update everyone as things become more official, especially around if new arrangements can continue.

I hope everyone is doing okay!  I’ve heard from many and it’s certainly been one of the most stressful weeks in business for many.  Thank you so much for your patience as we try and navigate this pandemic together.  

If anyone needs anything from the team at Nanager – please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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