Select one section you want help with during your nanny search.
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  • 30 day access to a single module (selection made at checkout)
  • PDF resources for the selected module
  • 30 minute Phone Consultation
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What will you get in this package?

This option is perfect when you only need support in one section of your nanny search.  Your purchase will give you access to one module for 30 days.  Simply choose the stage where you need the most help.

Module one – Finding the one

In this step, we’ll take you through what to expect in the Australian Nanny Industry, different service costs, and how to build a role that provides your family with the most value.  From there, receive a guide on how and where to advertise as well as strategies for the interview stage.

Module two – Setting up the work agreement

In this step, you’ll be guided on how to present an offer to a nanny and negotiate an arrangement that is fair and legal.  From there you’ll learn how to set up domestic employment so you can meet all the requirements of having someone working in your home.  

Module three – Setting expectations and onboarding

This step helps you build the best onboarding (and welcoming) experience for both the nanny and your family.  It will guide you on the right conversations to have early on so that all parties can set clear expectations and boundaries.  This chapter shows you how to build a wonderful, longstanding professional relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

Includes the customised PDF tools and templates for your selected module to guide you towards success.

Module 1 
  1. Nanny service guide to explain the market
  2. Job ad prompter to build the perfect job ad
  3. Interview guide to help you nail the interview
Module 2
  1. Employment negotiation guide to establish the agreement
  2. Contractor negotiation guide to establish their contracting services
Module 3
  1. Roster template to create a schedule
  2. Timesheet template to track hours
  3. Daily log template to support thorough note taking
  4. Family guide to introduce the family
  5. Task checklists to manage the home
  6. Household instructions to explain the home

Don’t worry, there is help along the way.  As you work things out it’s important to have a sounding board. At any stage you can book a 30 minute chat with Chief Nanager, Lauren Brown – your nanny match expert.  

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