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finding a Nanny
Lauren, Chief Nanager

Hey! I’m Lauren, Chief Nanager. Welcome to your new life. I’m here to help you find the perfect nanny for your family, to get you the help you need to juggle a happy home alongside a healthy career.

happy kids



happy parents

happy parents


happy family

happy family


What parents say.

Nanager helped us find our amazing nanny Janine, she has made our lives so much easier. 

We were busy working from home during COVID and needed help to manage our house. 

Thank you Lauren! 

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What is a Nanager?

A Nanager is a Nanny, Household Manager, Home Help, Educator, Housekeeper, Chef, Taxi Service and anything in between – it just depends on your needs as a household. Nanagers are professional nannies, childcare educators, or working mums who have dedicated a career to supporting families.

A well-Nanaged house is a relaxing place to be.

childcare and support

kids are settled

washing and laundry

laundry is clean

cooking and meal prep

food is on the table

Household chores

house is in order

errands and shopping

errands are done

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finding a Nanny