Who are we and what do we stand for?


Our mission

Nanager is a trusted Nanny Agency for Nannies. We’re here to change the way working parents use nanny services.   Through targeted support and information, we help families build a role that will not only provide them with more valuable time together but help them lure a professional nanny.  We advocate for both sides of the arrangement, helping nannies and families build a working arrangement built of trust, loyalty, and appreciation.

Compatible matches
A trusted agency for nannies that is dedicated to helping families find a nanny that is compatible with their needs and lifestyle.

Fair and legal pay
Supporting nannies to engage in a rewarding role that pays them a fair and legal wage. Empowering them to build a long term career as a nanny.

Valuable nanny services
Helping families make the most of their nanny services by creating a role that targets their needs and also suits their budget.

Hi! My name is Lauren, Chief Nanager, nanny advocate, parent cheerleader, the list goes on. I’ve spent the past ten years working with families in the nanny and childcare industry and I’ve now been a nanny for over 70 families.

I’m passionate about quality care for kids (especially in the early years) and supporting working parents as they navigate the chaos of family life. I started Nanager an agency for nannies, after my own experience with the Australian Nanny Industry and realising it was broken. We are here to change the way parents and organisations think about childcare, and support them in finding the perfect nanny solution for their family. 

The Nanny industry is still a bit of a disaster at times with many nannies still being paid cash in hand, below minimum wage.  We are dedicated to supporting nannies to engage with fair and legal working arrangements, helping to turn their love for working with children into a viable career.

It’s time to educate the market so that everyone wins. Nanager is my life’s work. Watch this space, we’re going to shake things up.

Meet the founder.

Lauren Brown Chief Nanager

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Nanny Agency

At Nanager we know families, we know homes, and we know the chaos that comes with raising kids. 

Nanager is the childcare solution you’ve been waiting for, offering an all-inclusive nanny + home management experience.  

Matchmaking you to your perfect Nanager, dedicated to making your life easier.

Contact Lauren for a friendly chat about your needs.