When you welcome a Nanager into your home, your life changes.

finding a Nanny

What can a Nanager help you with?

childcare and support

childcare and support

Household chores

household chores

washing and laundry

washing and laundry

cooking and meal prep

cooking and meal prep

errands and shopping

errands and shopping

Household tasks are always a second priority to the care of the children.  Nanager agencies for Nanny will help you build a role that can realistically achieve quality care. Sometimes, this may require child-free hours for household management tasks.

Our Nanagers are certified and experienced.

First Aid + CPR Certificate

State based working with children check

Minimum 2 years paid experience

Two outstanding references


So what's the process?

We’ll find you a shortlist of applicants and then, once you decide, we help you set up employment and onboarding.

The first thing Nanager our agencies for nannys will do

is build a clear picture of what the perfect Nanager for your home would look like.  We do this by asking you all the right questions in a complimentary phone consultation.


Set up a time for your free consultation to pinpoint your exact needs.


We build a role that will attract a professional and maximise value to you.


We process, screen, and interview candidates then send you the shortlist.

Home Visit

You select the Nanagers you want to meet for an interview.


We support both parties to negotiate an arrangement where everybody wins.


We help you set up and onboard the Nanager into their role.

Choose which service option is best for your family.

Pricing is broken up into two choices – You employ your Nanny yourself, or have us Nanager Agencies for Nannys take care of the employment for you.  Your exact quote is based on the days and hours you require your nanny to work.

One off recruitment

We find the Nanny, then you employ them ongoing.

There is a bit of work involved in employing a Nanny.  If you own a business you’ll find this option easy to run with.

We will search and recruit your nanager for you.  From there you set up to employ them independantly from Nanager.

We will recruit a nanny for you, and you will then continue to pay the nanny on an agreed pay rate in a private arrangement.  In order to do this, you will pay us a once-off recruitment fee.

$1000 - $5000


Ongoing hourly rate

We'll take care of recruitment, pay, super, insurances, and more.

This is the stress-free option with little to no admin for you.


We will recruit your nanny for you.  From there, they will be set up as a legal employee of Nanager.  We will take care of all insurances, PAYG, and super obligations and also help you onboard.

We will search, recruit, and employ your Nanager for you, taking care of everything.  From here, you will only need to pay via invoice per hour, ongoing.

$38-$40 p.h.

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finding a Nanny