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nannying jobs western sydney

How to SHINE in your nanny job search

How to SHINE in your Nanny Job search A blog by Amanda Ferguson – @nannyofoz As an established career nanny, I don’t want to give away all of my secrets… But as someone who is deeply involved in the nanny community and who has dabbled

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nanny care

The value of nanny care.

The Value of Nanny Care (especially during COVID-19) A blog by Amanda Ferguson – The Nanny of Oz The childcare sector is going through major upheaval at the moment, as is the entire world! Recent announcements inform us that the Australian government is providing free

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nanny qualifications

Why Nannies Need More Than Childcare Training

Why do Nannies need more then Childcare Training. Lets Talk The Australian Nanny Industry has come a long way since I first entered it 5 years ago. I’m proud of the progression made so far but I personally think it still has a long way

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Australia Nanny Agency

Nanager Turns Two!

Nanager Turns The fastest growing Australia Nanny Agency around. Sink or swim. The Nanager journey actually started about 5 years ago. I went from an educator in a center to being a Nanny after seeing the huge need for customised, in-home care solutions for working

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nanny match

Matches Made In Heaven

Nanny Match Made In Being a nanny is a uniquely personal experience. Not only are you providing care for someone else’s child, but you are entering a home and quite often you are becoming an integral part of a family. I vividly remember telling my

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childcare alternatives

5 Alternative Solutions For Childcare

Alternative Solutions In 2018 it really does take a village to raise children.  Unlike the ‘olden days’, we are seeing more parents living in new locations with no family support and more women embarking on full-time careers (yay)!  The loss of these typical support services

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