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The place to find everything you need to know about hiring a Nanny or being an exceptional Nanny.  

nanny noticeboard

Nanager's Nanny Noticeboard is managed by Lauren (Chief Nanager) and Amanda (Recruitment Manager).

As veterans of the nanny industry, we’re passionate about sharing experiences and information with the nanny community and the families we support. This Nanny Noticeboard focuses on our blog, where you can find articles about all sorts of topics related to working as a nanny, hiring a nanny, and working with Nanager.

We love an open discourse with others, since nannying is such a varied industry – every family and nanny is unique, so of course the same goes for every nanny position! Nanager facilitates roles that support families with childcare, but also with other household/whole family support. We hope the information on this nanny noticeboard is useful to you, and we’d love to engage further with you. Social media is a great place to connect with us! Find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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