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Do you need a nanny in 2024? Start a search now!

A blog by Amanda Ferguson (@nannyofoz) – Nanager Recruitment Manager + Career Nanny.

Summer is our busiest time at Nanager, with families planning for the year ahead by hiring their first nanny or a new nanny to meet their changing needs. It’s also a time when many nannies know that their current position will be ending or changing as the children’s schedule shifts with the new school year. Those who need a nanny job are ready to interview for new roles.

So, if you need a nanny, now is a great time to start the search!

Why hire a nanny?

Hiring a nanny is not an antiquated idea, but rather a clever choice for the modern family. The support of a nanny goes beyond traditional childcare, making it a brilliant option for parents wanting their children to thrive under personalised care. It’s also an excellent solution for busy, working parents who struggle to fit their schedules into the constraints of childcare centre and school hours. A nanny adapts to your routine and your family’s needs to make your lives run smoothly and happily.

Nanny/family relationships are unique, based on the personalities and preferences of all involved, and the precise balance of personal and professional varies. It’s safe to say that most typically develop into strong connections that provide a foundation of another trusted relationship in your family’s network. You need a nanny because knowing that you are leaving your child with a caregiver you have chosen as a match to your values and preferences makes it easier to go to work each day as a parent.

Why use Nanager to help you find your nanny?

Even when you desperately need a nanny, deciding to hire one and selecting the right nanny for your family is a huge decision. Nanager has a deep understanding of nanny/family relationships from the hundreds of families we have personally supported. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and preferences, couple that with our understanding of the wage requirements and industry standards, and create the perfect job ad to target the type of candidates you are seeking.

We prioritise a personalised approach to our searches – speaking to interested applicants with your family in mind. Our tailored matchmaking process sets us apart from others. When seeking a nanny to join your family we know it’s not just about filling the schedule with anyone who is available –  it’s important to us that you and your nanny enjoy working together!

Nanager has an exceptional reputation in the nanny industry because we support nannies as well as families – prioritising open communication, appropriate expectations, and fair and legal pay. Nannies and other educators/caregivers are drawn to Nanager when they need a nanny job because they know we value them and their high standard of care. With how competitive the nanny market has become in recent years, this is a huge benefit for families choosing to use our agency’s services.

How do we help you find success?

Parents need a nanny because they want outstanding care for their children and often because they are busy. It can be a struggle to find the time and energy to search! Advertising, screening, and hiring a nanny can be a time-consuming and complex process. Lucky for you, we’re the experts! You can rely on our ability to attract candidates, and on our attention to detail when it comes to ensuring they meet the necessary requirements – filtering out the unsuitable applications is sometimes a massive undertaking!

We speak to every prospective Nanager and their references before introducing them to you, so you only need to spend your precious time on the most suitable options for your family. You’ll then have the opportunity to arrange a meeting with caregivers you’re interested in considering, and we welcome your feedback throughout the process. You need a nanny who suits your family, so you’re the ones who have the final say on presenting an offer.

How do we support you and your nanny long-term?

We offer different options to suit your preferences for managing your new nanny’s employment. We can welcome your nanny as a Nanager employee (either long-term or just until you all get settled in) or you can employ your nanny independently. For the many families who need a nanny payroll service to help them do the right thing with their nanny’s pay, we can support this with NannyPay – an easy and affordable ongoing solution to navigating payroll.

No matter what you choose, our team is always here to support you and your nanny. We know how individual every nanny and family relationship is, so we empower nannies and families to communicate directly with one another. After you’ve chosen to work together we won’t interfere too much! We’ll just be there to answer any questions or concerns, and facilitate your successful arrangement in a way that works for you.

Got questions?

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