Questions you may have about finding a Nanny for your home.

finding a Nanny

A Nanager is a childcare professional who combines exceptional nanny services with effective home management. The children remain the number one priority at all times, but alongside that we help with the house too. All Nanagers hold a qualification or have at least two years of experience with children. We recruit beyond this and ensure our Nanagers display high levels of efficiency, a proactive nature, and are experts in multitasking. 

No, the Childcare Rebate is not available when using a nanny.  There is one rebate called the In Home Care rebate that approves families based on special circumstances.  We are not a provider for the In Home Care rebate so we recommend you research online to find out more before finding a nanny.

A Nanager is a childcare professional who is a combination of Nanny and Home Manager.  We seek out nannies who show initiative and are proactive in their day to day balance between nanny and home management services.  Home management can vary depending on the family but we’ll prioritise a routine based on your needs and the time allowed for home management.

Duties can include:

  • Child development strategies
  • Progression reports
  • Photo journals
  • School drop off/pick up
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • Cooking/prepping meals
  • Tidying up around the house.
  • Career nannies wanting to professionalise their service
  • Childcare workers looking for a change
  • Mature age mums who have older children and want to return to the workforce
  • Teachers looking for a change.

Learn more about finding a nanny job with Nanager.

Founder, Lauren Brown, was a professional nanny who ran her nanny service as a small business, working 1-2 days a week for multiple families.  She built a reputation of being willing to go beyond childcare and extend her services to the home.  Lauren realised that more families were in need of finding a nanny who could provide the same flexible help. Lauren created and trademarked the word Nanager™ to revolutionise the role nannies play in Australian homes.  

Nanagers…  The Nanny Industry is evolving and we are seeing it grow faster than ever before here in Australia.  Being a nanny is no longer a job to fill the time, it’s becoming a career choice.  We have a range of customised workshops, training, and consultations available to help professional Nanagers create innovative services and market themselves professionally to earn their worth.

Families…  We educate families on how to utilise their Nanager service effectively to revolutionise their lives and careers.  We offer advice, tools, and management services to support families in finding a nanny service with benefits. We assist with establishing and maintaining strong professional relationships between families and Nanagers.  Our team is also connected to a wealth of professionals that we can refer to parents for all family-related hurdles like nutrition strategies, sleep routines, and behavioural challenges.

Corporates…  We work with companies to roll out the Nanager solution to their working parents.  The Nanager Initiative is a diversity inclusion model we’ve created to help corporates connect with working parents, understand their needs, and provide solutions in the form of Nanagers in the home.  We also provide events with tailored professional advice, and workshops aimed at helping families juggle the chaos that comes with raising a happy family while still building a strong career.

Each service can vary so we can’t provide an exact quote until we complete a phone consultation to determine your Nanager needs.  Nanagers vary in skills and experience, and often hold a relevant qualification, so prices may increase based on the level of candidate you’re seeking. We recruit and build the role based on your budget and once finding a nanny for you we will support both parties in the negotiation stages.  The ongoing price for a Nanager starts at $33/hour.

No, paying cash in hand is illegal.  We are passionate about professionalising the Nanny Industry and with this comes fair and legal working arrangements.  We work closely with you and your Nanager to establish the right working relationship for your situation, and provide customised tools to help protect both parties in maintaining a strong, professional working agreement.

Once we go about finding a nanny Nanager that is right for you and your needs, we support you in negotiations to establish a professional working relationship that is fair, reasonable, and most importantly – legal.

This one is tricky and a hot topic right now in the Nanny Industry.  For a Nanny to be a sole trader, they are required to meet certain criteria within the role and this can be rare.  While there are circumstances that will allow you to engage with your Nanager as a sole trader, it is preferred that you offer them employment.  This is why Nanager offers employment services.  We’ll take care of everything for you and ensure your Nanager is taken care of with legal and fair conditions.

Parents and companies.  Parents hire us to help manage the chaos of trying to juggle a career and a family, and companies hire us as an added benefit to their valued employees.  How nice!

We require Nanager shifts to be at least 6 hours minimum.

The number of days a Nanager works is dependent on each Family’s needs, and we’ll help you work that out.  We see the entire spectrum, with some families needing support as little as once a week and others needing a full time solution.

Our expert team will help you work out the ideal schedule that will deliver you the most value from your nanny service.

  • Valid Working with Children Check (WWCC)
  • Valid First Aid certificate
  • Valid CPR certificate
  • 2 years experience working with children (or equivalent)
  • The right to work in Australia
  • Subcontracted nannies must hold their own Nanny insurance.  We can point you in the right direction for this, should you need.

If you tick all the listed requirements in the previous question, jump over to Nanny Jobs on our website.  Our Job Board is always up to date with any of the roles currently seeking a Nanager.  If you see a role that matches your job search, you can apply for it via the website and our team will start processing your application.  Once your application comes through, you will receive information on the recruitment process and what’s required before we send you to meet the family.  

If you want to discuss further, or find out about a particular job, you can get in touch with us via our recruitment team hello@nanager.com.au.  

We won’t place any applicants unless they hold the minimum requirements.  We understand that some applicants will hold off getting their First Aid and CPR certificate until they get a role that requires it.  Please shoot us an email if this is you and we can discuss further.

All our candidates are vetted well above national minimum quality standards.  Once they meet minimum criteria, we process them through a written screening process and then meet them via video chat. Please note: we meet online to avoid delays as Nanagers can find it hard to meet us in our City Office. If you would like us to meet face-to-face with candidates, let us know.  This may result in a longer turn-over time due to scheduling.

We go beyond recruiting for childcare to ensure our Nanagers have a proven track record of a strong work ethic, a proactive nature, and are experts in multitasking.

Like all working relationships, your Nanager arrangement will have a beginning, middle, and end so it’s important to agree on an arrangement that covers each stage.  Nanager offers valuable contract templates that help families + Nanagers build an agreement that is professional, thorough, and legal.

Still have questions about finding a Nanny? Message Lauren for a friendly chat about your needs.

finding a Nanny