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Nannies and Families - Stay savvy as the industry changes. (There's 2 sides to this.)

A blog by Amanda Ferguson (@nannyofoz) – Nanager Recruitment Manager + Career Nanny.

The discussion amongst nannies and agencies has been buzzing! What is happening with the nanny industry at the moment? It’s a unique time, as we move past the strange year that 2020 was. With all the ups and downs, curveballs and reconfigurations, one thing has been consistent: children need quality, safe, and reliable care. The balance between nannies and families on the search seems to have shifted dramatically lately.


Everyone involved in the industry who has had their eyes open has been noticing the number of families who are seeking nannies. It’s actually incredible! Personally, as a career nanny and constant advocate for the value of nanny care, I’m thinking of all the ways this can expand the nanny industry. How it could lead to wider opportunities for nannies, and how it has the potential to increase awareness of the wonderful role nannies can play in the lives of families. I’m genuinely excited hearing about families considering nannies for the first time. When the right nannies and families find one another, that’s when magic can happen.


Unfortunately the flip side of the increase in jobs lately is that there’s kind of too many for the usual nanny cohort to handle. We’re going to need to shift things to find equilibrium. I know that many families are struggling to find someone to hire. And as a recruitment manager I’m honestly struggling with a reduced number of quality applicants coming through for roles (not you, if you’re reading… you’re great….). Some days it feels like the majority of the experienced and great nannies are taken!  

So what does this mean for families?

Whether doing it on your own or using an agency, you should aim to allow extra time to find and lock in the right nanny. Be open-minded. Consider speaking with candidates who might not be exactly what you pictured, or whose experience might be outside of the box. Especially when we are handling your recruitment! Some people can be great with children but haven’t worked as a professional nanny. They might even bring unexpected skills to your household. We are discerning and can usually pick candidates who have the right attitude and transferrable skills. We’ll only present those people to you, so consider meeting them to find that right personality fit. We’re all about matchmaking nannies and families for success. 

Be flexible, and consider offering perks that are within your capacity to sustain. It’s not only about the wage, though a competitive pay rate can help. Many nannies appreciate locking in guaranteed hours or receiving annual leave – even better when they can choose when to use it (with fair notice). Perks for some might be freedom to take children out, a well-stocked art and craft supply, or the ability to make use of your coffee machine! A great match is built on nannies and families communicating. If you’re willing to listen, and let nannies know from the start that you want them to feel comfortable and happy while they provide exceptional service, you will stand out!

Also, please be patient with us or whichever agency you use! We’re working harder than ever to recruit applicants and sort through a fair few JobSeeker-required irrelevant applications to find you the amazing nannies and Nanagers you deserve.

What does this mean for nannies? 

Now is your time to shine. You might be able to secure a position during this period that you wouldn’t normally be in the running for. That said, you still have to put the effort in! As an agency, we represent both nannies and families, and one of our mottos is ‘quality over quantity’. We continue to have high standards and want candidates to be able to showcase their individual experience and skills in a professional way that gets parents excited to meet them.

If you don’t have the years of experience and relevant education to set you apart from other nannies, it’s not the end of the world. But make sure your necessary documents are up-to-date, communicate professionally and warmly to make a positive impression, and sell yourself! An appropriately-presented resume with clear information about your relevant experience and a well-written cover letter showcasing your passion and professionalism makes a huge difference.

Seek advice from a professional, and/or the community of professional nannies who are already established in their careers. Make an effort to get your foot in the door by showing that you have the understanding and ability to meet the requirements, care about the work you are pursuing, and have something special to offer the family you’re applying to work. Once you’ve covered those basics to get an interview, the personal connection between nannies and families is what really seals the deal in the end. We’re here to support you through the process.


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