Melbourne Nannies

Dear Melbourne Nannies.

A thank you letter.

Thank you for adapting to a shared workspace with parents as their office combined with yours.  I know that when parents work from home it often makes a Melbourne nannies role harder so your resilience and professionalism during the transition made things easier for everyone involved. 

Thank you for stepping up to the role of teacher as school moved from classroom to computer.  The engagement from the kids online was made stronger from your pressence and support.

Thank you for your patience with the added emotional baggage from the children in your care.  Thanks for the extra cuddles, understanding, love, safe space, friendship and care that you gave to make lockdown more tolerable for little brains that found it hard to process.

Thank you for putting on a mask on to protect those around you and set an strong example for the families in your care.

Thank you for caring for the extra children that would normally be out at school, activities and playdates without complaining.  The extra support did not go unnoticed and we hope your families showed their appreciation.

Thank you for being a nanny for Mums and Dads at times too as they tried to cope with the juggle of working from home with the kids all home.   Many parents could not have coped without your relentless support.

Thank you for starting fresh each day and allowing families to process the difficulties that presented with extended lockdown.  Your patience and optimisim impacted in ways you didn’t realise.

Thank you for helping families maintain a sense of normality during the pandemic with your friendly smiles, funny jokes, creative activies, reilability and hard work.

Thank you for being the difference between a parent having a breakdown and coping.  I know that you’ve had to show a brave face on days where you feel like having a meltdown and that wasn’t easy.

Thank you going above and beyond with being helpful in the day to day running of the home.  I know you stepped up to do tasks outside of your role and this extra attention to detail is appreciated.

Thank you for stepping in for the friends that the kids weren’t able to see.  Your extra imagination, humour and engagement helped make the distance between friendships easier.

Your work is so appreciated.

Lauren x

Do you have a nanny to thank?

From the 12th – 16th October Australia celebrates Nanny Appreciation Week.  This week of recognition hosted by The Australian Nanny Association is a great opportunity to thank the nannies you know.  It’s no secret that Melbourne nannies have had it harder than any other region and as an agency based out of Melbourne it’s been pretty clear that the restrictions have taken a toll on melbourne nannies, parents and children.

Ways to treat your nanny

  • Surprise them with flowers or a bottle of wine
  • Send a random text to show your appreciation
  • Give them a (paid) early mark or day off
  • Send them some icecream via Uber Eats.
  • Get the kids to make them something to say thanks
Why not also give a public shout out?
Simply save the image to the right and share it on your Instagram stories to say thank you!  The public recognition is often one nannies don’t receive and being that it’s Nanny Appreciation Week, it’s the prefect time to shout out how much you love your nanny.


Melbourne Nannies

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