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Nanny Match Made In Heaven

Being a nanny is a uniquely personal experience. Not only are you providing care for someone else’s child, but you are entering a home and quite often you are becoming an integral part of a family.

I vividly remember telling my Mum that I had my first Nannying interview. She was astounded, if not somewhat concerned (in a motherly way), that I was going to be attending this interview with a family at their home. A family I did not know. To my Mum, this concept of hiring, what is an essential stranger, to care for her children was completely foreign. I had to explain (several times!) that I was not a stranger, that I was a professional who held all of the relevant and required qualifications in order to perform this job and that I would be attending my interview at the intended place of work.

In my time as a Nanny I have attended countless interviews with families looking to find their perfect nanny match fit. But what is so often forgotten is the Nanny is interviewing the family as well.  They want to know what kind of family you are, your values, way of life and particularly how they will fit into the scheme of things. The Nanny needs to know this is the perfect fit. Going through this process dozens of times, I have taken away one very important thing, Nannies – always, always, always trust your gut!

There is a feeling you get, deep in the pit of your stomach, when you walk away from meeting with a family and you know you want to work with this family. It’s a feeling I have been lucky to have on several occasions and what has followed has always been an amazing working experience with children I absolutely adore and parents that I admire. From the discussions I have had in these cases, it is almost always a mutual feeling. Parents just know when they have met the person who they feel confident will provide a happy and safe environment for their children.  It’s so funny how it’s one you can’t explain.

At Nanager, they specialise in the “butterflies in your stomach” arrangements. They put in an enormous amount of time in order to meet the needs of their families and their nannies. The team at Nanager want to ensure that when parents walk out the door in the morning they breathe a sigh of relief that their own perfect Nanager is on the job. And they ensure that their professional nannies are equally happy and looking forward to a day providing exceptional childcare and home management for a family they love working for!

Nanager is so much more than a nanny agency; they are matchmakers! And they are ready to find a nanny match made in heaven for you! 

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Written by Gemma Baker – Nanager for 2 years

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